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篇名From Mediocre Short Story to Famous Play: Tang Xianzu’s Transformation of The Peony Pavilion from Fiction to Play
作者姓名Guo Ying-de
AbstractThe real source of Tang Xianzu’s The Peony Pavilion is a literary language tale named The Story of Du Liniang. The Peony Pavilion goes on the plots and structures of the story, but gives the transformation in writing by ingenious use of decreasting, increaseing, fabricating, and irony. In the paragraph of “the love in the dream”, The Peony Pavilion renewed Du’s exist circumstance and described the process of Du’s spiritual awakenig more exhaustively. In the paragraph of “the love between man and ghost”, The Peony Pavilion emphasized the marriage of Liu Mengmei and Du Liniang gone by destiny, further more emerged the process of Du Liniang pursuing love and achieving marriage consciously, initiatively and actively. In the paragraph of “the love in the world”, The Peony Pavilion wholly rewrote the original plots, rebuild the reunion end of the marriage of Liu and Du and lively described the success of Du’s love ideal about “be faithful to a husband till death”. The play fully spread the antagonism between the cult of emotions and the society, the individual consciousness and the cultural tradition.
KeywordTang Xianzu, The Peony Pavilion, transformation, cult of emotions, individual consciousness
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