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篇名From Supernormal Powers to Thaumaturgy: The Indigenization of Indian Buddhism in the Gaoseng zhuan
作者姓名Ding Min
AbstractThe accounts of thaumaturgy and supernormal powers found in the Chinese Buddhist Canon represent a paradigm shift which occurred during the course of the sinicization of Indian Buddhism. I explore this phenomenon from a macrocosmic perspective, and make a thorough analysis of the historical usage of the terms shen 神, yi 異, and tong 通, and also investigate the reasons for the use of the two separate terms 神通 (shentong, supernormal powers) and 神異(shenyi, thaumaturgy)in scripture translation. I then investigate the concept of sorcery in the early Chinese translations of the scriptures of both the Greater and Lesser Vehicles, and go on to examine the images are lore of eminent monks which were transmitted in the Buddhist saṃgha prior to the composition of the Gaoseng zhuan (Biographies of Eminent Monks) by Huijiao, as reflected in historical records. Finally, I present a summary of how Huijiao made use of his position as preceptor and vinaya master to change the usage and categorization of shenyi, establish the distinction between shentong and shenyi, record contemporary history, and mold a new image of eminent monks.
Keywordsupernormal powers, thaumaturgy, Huijiao, Gaosengzhuan, sorcery
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