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篇名An Analysis on The Works and Regulations of Proofreading by Liu Yizheng
作者姓名Tseng Sheg-yi
AbstractThe Liu family in Yizheng was famous scholars during middle and late Qing Dynasty until the early 20 th century. Engaging in document-related works for generations, they had obtained extraordinary achievement in classical learning, comparison of texts, and the study of ‘fangzhi’. From the experience of their work, they brought up some points of view and principles to pay attention to when doing works of proofreading. The discussion of this article is focused on the works of Liu family. And the principles and methods used by the Liu family may well be useful reference even in present-day works of ancient texts interpretation.
KeywordLiu Wenqi, Liu Yusong, Liu Shouzeng, Liu Fuzeng, Documents, To proofread
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