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篇名The Studies of“Bie Fencheng Canglu” in Kaiyuan Shijiao Lu
作者姓名Wang Wen-yen
AbstractThe aim of this article is to observe “Bie Fencheng Canglu”, which is a piece in Kaiyuan Shijiao Lu. The first part of this article is to list Sutras’ directories and styles from the past dynasties according to section 10 of Kaiyuan Shijiao Lu for the following statements. Second, according to “Kaiyuan Shijiao Lu-Bie Fencheng Canglu”, this article discusses the seven styles of contents and the history. Last, this article provides reviews and amendments of “Bie Fencheng Canglu”. “Bie Fencheng Canglu” is a piece of Kaiyuan Shijiao Lu which is well-known for its rigorous research and disciplinary category and it is also a necessary process for editing Dazangjing. This article focuses on exploring “Bie Fencheng Canglu” , and is also worthy for scholars who are researching in Sutra’s directories and Dazangjing to refer to.
KeywordKaiyuan Shijiao Lu, “Bie Fencheng Canglu”, the catalog of Buddhism Classics, Dazangjing, Buddhist scriptures
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