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篇名The sentimental Poet Thinking upon Poetry Alteration-to Analysis Wang Quanshan's commentary: “Since had five-character Poems, there is no one’s accomplishment like Xie Lingyun; and Xie’s poetry had emergence already, there is no five-character Poems to pl
作者姓名Tseng Shou-Jen
AbstractMany researchers studied Wang Quan Shan's commentaries on Xie Ling-yun’s poems, aim to why Wang praised Xie’s poems pretty highly? Although there is no proper answer so far. To be aimed at this debate subject, I will try to discuss this subject in three different dimension : First, In taking the view of “fusion between emotion and scene” , Wang thinks that Xie’s poems expressed the feeling of poet based on the correlation between heaven and human. Secondly, in Wang’s viewpoint that Xie’s scenery poems respond to the “Concept is the dominant factor in poetry” , according this, Wang remade a discussion. Third, Wang thinks that poetry’s development is gradually declined. This tendency fits and matches to the occurrence of regulated verse. So Wang likes Ancient Poem more than regulated verse, he admired Xie’s ancient poems very much as well. Wang’s commentary was located at the special time point: the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, so he is the sentimental poet, and can’t go back to the naïve age-during Jin and Song Dynasties-poetry still maintain purity by itself.
KeywordXie Lingyun, Wang Fuzhi, Fusion between emotion and scene, Standardization of regulated verse Concept is the dominant factor in poetry
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