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篇名Desire, Metonymy, and Objet petit a: Postmodern Rhetoric and Cultural Politics in Contemporary Chinese Poetry
作者姓名Yang Xiao-bin
AbstractThis essay examines the rhetorical transformation of recent Chinese poetry in both Taiwan and mainland China since the 1990s, in the light of Lacanian theory of the deconstruction of the Symbolic. The poetic language that displays losses in symbolic expression triggers desire – a desire destined to be impeded, and thus a desire for impediment, according to Žižek – towards the objet petit a, the unsymbolizable remnant from the Real. Lacan regards desire as a metonymy, which, as this essay demonstrates, is the fundamental rhetorical characteristic of Chinese poetry today. By analyzing the metonymic expressions in contemporary Chinese poetry, this essay probes how a new poetic expression challenges the mode of grand discourse, and reveals trauma and jouissance under the Symbolic order.
Keywordcontemporary Chinese poetry, Lacan, metonymy, desire, objet petit a
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