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篇名The Classics, Taoism and Words: The Comparative Study in Shijing between Fu Guang and Yang Jian
作者姓名Huang Chung-shen
Abstract  The way of the scholars in Song Dynasty thinking and displaying the theory of Shi Jing for the scholars in Song Dynasty were inseparably connected with the prevalent ideological trend towards Neo-Confucianism at that time. In order to realize the “Neo-Confucianismizing” phenomenon in the research of Shi Jing ,This article is going to study the differences and similarities influenced by different groups throw Fu Guang’s Shi Tong Zi Wen and Yang Jian’s Ci Hu Shi Zhuan. Hopefully to learn more characteristics and distinctions between the ways how scholars represented ‘Xin Xue’ or ‘Li Xue’ explained throw the contrast to the two scholan groups.   Due to the multifaceted differences between Shi Tong Zi Wen and Ci Hu Shi Zhuan, this article will put emphasis on three sides: first, the designs of these two books’ styles, second, the cognitions of The Classics and the Taoism. and third, the understandings of the Taoism and words. By the multiple comparisons and the utilization of the Hermeneutics, we can get the conclusions that Shi Tong Zi Wen focused on explanations, Ci Hu Shi Zhuan, on the other hand, concerned about not only explanation but also interpretation in order to popularize and reinforce his teacher, Zhu Xi’s theory. Consequently, being the author of Ci Hu Shi Zhuan, who was affected by the ideas of ‘Xin Xue’ ,Yang Jian must have the ability of comprehending the classics and abundant life experience, furthermore, the stable belief in his life.
KeywordFu Guang, Shi Tong Zi Wen, Yang Jian, Ci Hu Shi Zhuan, Hermeneutics
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