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篇名Sinology at Kyoto Imperial University
作者姓名TAKATSU Takashi
Abstract  After the Meiji Restoration in 1868 the Japanese government established the Imperial University in Tokyo with the purpose of fostering superior human resources mastering Western languages, science and technology, in order to build a modern nation state. In 1897, The Japanese government established Kyoto Imperial University on the grounds that a university having no rival would inevitably decline. After the Japanese-Sino War and the Japanese-Russo War, the Japanese government which began aiming for global expansion to counter the world powers, struggled for dominance in the academic world with a sense of being the leader of Asia and as a sign of territorial ambition. Sinology at Kyoto Imperial University embodying the desire of the Japanese government, very faithfully pursued this Japanese modernization project. Based on the current study of old Chinese documents in the Ching dynasty which had not been fully introduced to Japan at the time, it provided research in unexplored fields using the methodology of European Sinology.
KeywordKyoto Imperial University, Sinology, classical Chinese literature, Japanese readings of Chinese texts
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