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篇名Literary Criticism as Methodology of Literary Study ─Exemplifying with Zhu Ziqing’s Critical Works
作者姓名K. K. Chan
Abstract“Literary Criticism” is a prevalent subject of study in the literature curriculum of many universities in Taiwan and Hong Kong nowadays. The introduction of this “modern” and “western” concept into the discipline of Chinese study is meant to equip the teaching and learning of literature with methodology and analytical skills. In the same vein, the subsequent development of “Chinese history of literary criticism” aims to explore how literature is approached and understood in the past. Therefore, the study of literary criticism, together with the study of history of criticism, is not exclusive and autonomous, but conducive to the study of literature proper. This paper examines the emergence of the concept of “literary criticism” in modern China, and the way it enhances the study of Chinese literature in university, exemplifying with the critical works of Zhu Ziqing.
Keywordliterary criticism, history of criticism, Lo Genze, René Wellek, Zhu Ziqing
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