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篇名The Meditation and Supernormal Power 一 An Analysis on Historical Buddha 's enlightened progress in accordance with Agama and Vinaya Pitaka
作者姓名Ding Miin
AbstractThe aim of this thesis is to narrate Buddha' s enlightened progress, meditation and supernormal power, by using the content from Agama sutra(阿 合經) and Viyana Pitaka(律藏). From the exploration of the sutra, the thesis wil1 discuss how sutra' s literacy function s while it spread and interpreted the Buddha Dharma. By narrating the “events",“position弋“location" and “time", it gives a direction to the readers that how Agama depicts “Meditation and Supernormal power" in a very unique way. Furthermore, the full text about Sakyamuni B uddha' s enlightened progress is only shown inside the 的naya-pitaka of Mülasarvãsti-vãda Sanghabhedlαvastu (根本說一切有部破僧事) and single volume of Biography ofthe BuddhαThe contents are mostly similar, however at the parts where the Buddha expel1ed the Mara makes their major differences. The content of this thesis is going to analyze every meditative and supernormal power settings inside the Miilasαrvãsti-vãdlα Sanghαbhedlαvastu and gives a different angle of view with narratology and phrasing methods. Especially, the writer sets more attention on the part where Buddha subduing Mara and the uniqueness of this occasional scene. 1n addition, by using the style of narratology, Buddha's enlightened progress about meditation and supernormal power will have a diverse explanatory aspect.
KeywordLove poem or Love poetry, Chan poetry, Chan theory, Use Chan to explain poet 巾, Epistemology
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