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篇名Discussions on Dong Zhong-shu’s sense of space-time and the historical viewpoint: the sense of Qi
作者姓名Lin Shih-Hsien
AbstractThere is one paradox hidden in Dong Zhong-shu’s historical viewpoint: by the same evidence one could simultaneously infer two totally opposite theses called Free will and Determinism. It seems that no scholar has clearly pointed out this paradox up to now. The essay tries to deal with this paradox and responds to the meaningful question in philosophy of history according to the thought of Dong Zhong-shu’s “the sense of Qi”. Besides, people who discuss the general philosophy-of-history topics of Free will and Determinism probably haven’t analyzed in the sight of “the sense of Qi”. Therefore, it has to be explored in this essay. First, the essay establishes that the universe (time) and history of man (era) have mutual perception in Dong Zhong-shu’s sense of space-time. The next discussion will focus on the original sense of space-time of beings, which not only makes them think about “time and era” but also becomes their inner strctures. The essay will further argue the subsumption between the aura of the universe and public emotions and then finally get the conclusion that Free will and Determinism are correlated with each other.
KeywordFree will, Determinism, Body theory, the historical viewpoint of Confucianism, philosophy of history
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