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篇名Discussion of “Dao De” in Zhang Hong Yang Zhu Jie Dao De Jing
作者姓名Jiang Shu-jun
AbstractThe most striking place in Zhang Hong Yang Zhu Jie Dao De Jing is that it chooses to use “Dao De” to connect two philosophical concepts – “Xing Ming” and “You Wu” This book successfully accommodates “Xing Ming” and “You Wu” into the Daoist discourse of “Dao De” and establishes a unique point of view. This paper will follow two lines of research: to examine how the connection between “Xing Ming” and “Dao De” is established; and then the connection between “Dao De” and “You Wu.” First, the connection established between “Xing Ming” and “Dao De” is actually a fusion of Confucianism and Daoism, with Confucianism as the external framework and Daoism as its core spirit. Second, there will be a discussion on the relationship between “Dao” and “De.” Zhang Hong Yang (Zhang Wei) especially pays attention to two concepts “kung fu” and “nei sheng” in Lao-Zi, and he believes Lao-Zi is a book of “xing ming” as well as a book of “kung fu.” Thus in his further discussion he sees Lao-Zi as teachings of human behaviors, and refutes to see it as a book about subtlety and trickery. In fact, he regards “to cease trickery” as one of the most important doctrines in Lao-Zi so as to highlight significance of “Dao De” in a practical sense. Through the examination of the above aspects, this paper helps explore further into thoughts of Lao Zi as well as clarifies the historical picture of Lao Zi study in Ming Dynasty.
KeywordMing Dynasty, Zhang Hong Yang Zhu Jie Dao De Jing, discussion of “Dao De,” “Xing Ming,” “You Wu”
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