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篇名Mirroring the Self: Chinese Lyrical Tradition and Modern Photography
作者姓名Wu Sheng-qing
Abstract  Extending the tradition of classical-style poems, which are inscribed on or written about paintings of the self in the modern era, this paper delves into the newly formed relationship between the Chinese lyrical tradition and modern photography. It explores the moral implications of this new poetic genre, “poems on photographs of the self” (ziti xiaozhao), and issues of temporality and alterity involved in the confrontation with a self-image. In addition, it examines the photographs of female writers and their understanding of gendered visual selves as well as “costume photographs,” which exhibit multiple ways of imagining the self. Utilizing a significant amount of previously unexamined materials, this paper enriches our understanding of the self/image and text/image dynamic, shedding light on the cultural and affective articulations of the self in the technological era.
Keyword“poems on photographs of the self” (ziti xiaozhao), text/image dynamic, alterity, self-subjectivity, visuality
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