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篇名Image and Texture: On the Debate over Clarity/Obscurity in Modern Chinese Poetry in the 1930s
作者姓名Cheng Yu-yu
Abstract  In the 1930s, poets and critics engaged in a debate over the “clarity” and “obscurity” of images in modern Chinese poetry. This debate signaled a transition from an exclusive emphasis on realism and direct representation of ideas, towards an increasing interest in representation of interiority and the subconscious, and relationship between cognition and written expression. This paper examines how writers in the 1930s, influenced by the transition, experimented with word order to create new combinations of images, explored the structure of imagination to develop a new poetic language, and discussed modern forms of poetry in terms of corporeal patterns and textures. These literary experiments offered writers a way to unsettle the conventions in Chinese language, both challenging the ongoing formalization of modern Chinese grammatical rules, as well as rewriting the relationship between the classical literary tradition and the modern poetical writing.
KeywordImage, Texture, Clarity, Obscurity, Modern Chinese Poetry
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