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篇名Leftist Poetics and the Sensory World: Re-Reading Poems of the “Missing Poet” Ouwai Ou of the 1930s and 1940s
作者姓名Chan Kwok-kou Leonard
Abstract  Ouwai Ou, or Outer Out (1911 1995), who lived and wrote his poetry mainly in Hong Kong and Guangzhou in the 1930s and 1940s, was a revolutionary and avant-garde poet of great significance. His works went missing in the history of modern literature for a long time. In the 1980s he revisited Hong Kong and reconnected with the local literary circle, and many Hong Kong critics began to marvel at his progressiveness. This article re-reads Ouwai’s early works, placing a focus on the uniqueness and untimeliness of his poems. Compared with the “modern school” of that period like Dai Wangshu, Ouwai’s style was more down to earth. He suggested more engagement with the social reality and was against subtlety and stylishness in poetry writing. On the other hand, observing the reality often through sensory experience, his way of expression was bold and novel, departing greatly from the “mass oriented nature” of social realism at that time. His works were thus coldly received by critics. This article argues that Ouwai and his works deserve closer attention from literary historians, precisely because they have a different orientation compared with mainstream poetics.
KeywordOuwai Ou, Leftist Poetics, Sensory World, Guangzhou Poetry, Hong Kong Literature
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