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篇名Construction and Creation: The Systemization of Xunzi’s Teachings of the Classics and its Problems
作者姓名Tseng Wei-chieh
Abstract  The past research of scholars have come to the conclusion that the teachings of Xunzi are the fundamental basis for learning the classics in the Han dynasty. However, after talking a deeper look into history and exploring the related documents, the discussions on Xunzi being the leading scholar of the classics is most prevalent in the Qing dynasty(清朝), and almost non-existent before it. Thus, this paper aims to bring light upon how scholars from the Qing dynasty aimed to reconstruct and transform the teachings of Xunzi, thus making him the source of the fundamental values for disseminating the classics. In understanding a source material we must not use the concepts of the present time to analyze that of the past. That being said, we cannot use the concept of later eras to examine the contribution of Xunzi and his teachings of the classics because during the time of Xunzi there were no classic studies, not to mention a concept of the “five(six) classics” . It must also be noted that there is a stark difference between the thought in the Pre-Qin(先秦) and Han dynasty. That is to say, as Xunzi being a scholar in the “period of scholars”, and teaching comprehensive knowledge and wisdom differs greatly from just teaching Confucianism and its classics, which is more common in the Han dynasty. Thus it must be pointed out that the “classics” and the way Xunzi discussed and interpreted them is not synonymous with the “five(six) Classics” and how they are taught in later dynasties. It can be seen that this paradigm shift in the Qing dynasty was a reaction against the thought of Neo-Confucian scholars. Thus in direct contrast to the Neo-Confucian emphasis on Meng zi, the Qing scholars made Xunzi the leading figure in classic studies and the primary successor to Confucius.
KeywordXunzi, the Han studies, the Song studies, movement of restoring the Xun studies
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