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篇名A New Discussion of Zheng Yongxi’s Poetry
作者姓名Yu Yu-ting
Abstract  Zheng Yongxi (1788-1858) was the first Taiwanese Jing Shi, who promoted horticulture literature in Bei-guo Garden at his old age. Works about Zheng Yongxi’s poetry almost draw the same conclusion that it is the Song poetry style, and the Song Scholars’ Ji Rang faction. The assumption comes from the influence of “Bei-guo Garden Literature,” which was the only published edition available before 2008. Having thought to be the original work of Zheng Yongxi, this edition was in effect revised by Fu Jen poet Yang Jun. New materials were not found until 1997 by Professor Huang Meier. Despite the new edition “Bei-guo Garden manuscript” finally published in 2008, “Bei-guo Garden’s Literature” still has much influence on the Zheng Yongxi poetry studies. This paper aims to examine the two editions, re-reading the poetry and style of Zheng Yongxi.
KeywordTaiwanese classical poetry, Zheng Yongxi, Ji Rang, nature, aesthetics
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