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篇名Revisiting Classical Chinese Musical Poetics through Recently Excavated Chu Bamboo Texts
作者姓名Scott Cook
AbstractThe “Great Preface” to the Shi Jing stands as ancestor to traditional Chinese theories of poetics, being an important basis for all subsequent discourses on the subject throughout the ages. In speaking of how human nature and its affections are motivated by contact with external things to take expression in music and poetry, which, in turn, might ultimately come to serve as ethical or even cosmic motivators in themselves, the “Great Preface” shares much in common with the Yue Ji, the principal text of traditional Chinese musical discourse. Together, both works would exert a tremendous influence upon the later development of Chinese theories of aesthetics. Until now, scholars have been unable to firmly ascribe either work to any particular thinker, or to ascertain their common philosophical sources with any certainty. Fortunately, however, the recently excavated texts of Guodian contain a number of lost Confucian texts that yield new clues for a reconstruction of the emergence of the musical and poetic theories those works reflect. Concentrating on the text entitled “Xing zi ming chu,” this article explores its philosophical sources and elaborates upon the aesthetic ideas implicit within it, in order to help us better trace the origins of China’s musical and poetic aesthetic traditions.
KeywordGuodian Chumu zhujian, Yue Ji, “Great Preface,” “Xing zi ming chu,” “Xingqing lun”
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