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篇名Reading Hanfeize’s “Interpreting the Laoze” and “Clarifying the Laoze”
作者姓名Xiong Tie-ji
Abstract“Interpreting the Laoze” and “Clarifying the Laoze” are the earliest remarks on 《Laoze》 we know. This article has its points in 1. As there is no way to know what the version of 《Laoze》 Hanfei had available was about, all we know for sure is that it is not the version we have access to this day. 2. Agreeing with Laoze’s doctrine is what makes the Hanfei theory firmly founded and it delivers a clearer view of the relationship between doctrine and virtue than《Laoze》. Only Hanfei’s doctrine is about 1. The so-called carrying out 1 and implementing 1 are 2 know examples. This makes it clear that Hanfeize’s doctrine is different from 1 comes from the doctrine claimed by Laoze, leaving the same an issue to explore the 2 schools. 3. In Hanfei’s carrying the doctrine into the rule, it is claimed that the rule originates from the doctrine, though there are no clear explanation on how the rule comes from the doctrine. Consequently, it remains an issue to discuss how to explain the fact that the rule comes from the doctrine. 4. Both “Interpreting the Laoze” and “Clarifying the Laoze” have shown much more respect to Laoze than all other renown scholars.
KeywordHanfeize, Interpreting the Laoze, Clarifying the Laoze, Laoze, Doctrine
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