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篇名Women and Revolution: In the context of the Nationalist Revolution in 1927 and its Literature
作者姓名Yang Lian-fen
AbstractThe relationship between women and revolution in 20th century China was a complex case, in which the two factors were interdependent and reciprocal causal on the one hand, but conflicting and contradicting on the other hand. During the period of the Nationalist Revolution since 1924 to 1927, a wave of free-love and sex-freedom,which was developed from the trends of 「social contact disclosure」 and 「love freedom」in the May Fourth, was all the rage. Women’s situation and experience in this period in the revolutionary camps probably reflected the quality of revolutionary culture. This paper, which takes the 1924-1927 revolution as its backdrop, focuses on four writers and their fiction, Mao Dun, Bai Wei, Xie Bing-ying and Ye Zi, studies and interprets the law of gender and the experience of women through the pieces of literature, as well as some other materials of revolutionary history. People may understand properly the complex of revolutionary culture through the study, by returning to the scene of history and going through the question of gender in the revolutionary process.
Keywordwomen / gender, Nationalist Revolution, Xie Bing-ying, Mao Dun, Bai Wei, Ye Zi
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