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篇名Modern or Anti-modern: Reflections on “Root-seeking” Discourses in Mainland China during 1985
作者姓名Chen Le
AbstractAttempting to make a difference between the theoretic discourses and the literary works, the paper aims to re-examine the multiple connotations of “root-seeking” discourses in Mainland China in 1985. After close analyzing the context of the Culture Fever and reviewing the “root-seeking” debates rampant during this year by a modernity approach, the paper comes to the conclusion that the “root-seeking” discourses actually conveyed the modernity appeal of the writers during the Culture Fever; the debate actually revealed the discrepancies and the divisiveness of the Chinese academe on modernity notions during the time.
Keywordroot-seeking, Culture Fever, modernity, post-Cultural Revolution China, cultural debate
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